Make Meats Your Business
Make Meats Your Business

Start your business with The Good Meat & earn through our resell and rebate programs!

Get us much as P23 off per kilo and P10 off per tray of eggs when you become a reseller. Here’s how it works:

Outright Discount

How it works:

  • The discount will automatically reflect upon checkout if you meet the minimum amount of orders for fresh pork cuts, ready-to-cook meats, and eggs (P6250) at a single transaction.
  • More orders mean bigger discounts!

Month-end Rebate

How it works:

  • If you reach the minimum required amount of orders per month, you will receive a rebate at the end of the month.
  • Going beyond the minimum order amount entitles you to a bigger credit in your account.

A reseller guide that contains a background of the resellers program and our FAQs.

A gross profit calendar to help you further understand your discount and rebate.

A 2 by 3 feet The Good Meat poster to help you advertise

After-sales service to guide you in your new business venture


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