Pop N’ Fry Chicharon (500g)


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Snacking just became easier! Just fry up some YOLO and get perfectly crunchy chicharon in minutes.

Deep Frying Instructions:

1. Fill half of a medium-sized, thick-bottomed pot with oil.

2. Pre-heat oil until it reaches approximately 350°F

3. Gently add in YOLO CHICHA ATBP. READY TO COOK CHICHARON in small amounts (about 8-10grams for a single serve)

4. Deep fry and stir from time to time using a slotted spoon for about 2-3 mins or until puffed up and begins to float.

5. Remove fried chicharon and drain excess oil using a rack or table napkin.

6. Season with spices for a more adventurous taste. Best served with vinegar as dip.

Ingredients include: Pilmico Farms Pork Skin, Vegetable Oil, Spices

*YOLO Pop N’ Fry Chicharon is approximately 500g

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