The Good Meat Franchise Fee

One-Stop-Shop Protein Shop

The Good Meat is Pilmico Farm’s retail brand and fulfillment center offering a wide range of top quality meat cuts, ready-to-cook and ready-to-eat meals. Its goal is to become a one-stop-shop protein source for consumers, offering products from everyday to gourmet.

Bringing Our Farms to More Households

The Good Meat brings our farms closer to our end users through our brick-and mortar stores based in Libis and Parañaque, and online shops where customer can order our meat and eggs delivered straight to their doorsteps.

To further distribute our products, we have expanded our placements for both fresh meat and ready-to-eat products to supermarkets and we are also expanding our retail stores both company-owned and through franchising. This way, we are able to bring our farms to more households.

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Why Join The Good Meat?


Meat shops as an essential business and meat as a commodity staple.

•  Meat shops are essential for every community especially as pork is the number one most consumed choice of meat for Pinoys.

•  Despite the rising inflation, demand for meat is growing.


Consistent quality of farm-fresh meats

•  Guaranteed supply of disease and antibiotic-free meat from our swine farms.

•  Meats are processed in our AAA-certified state-of-the-art processing plant ensuring the highest standards.

Assistance with Business-to-Business (B2B) customers and other income streams as the neighborhood meat shop

• Tap into different types of customers such as food service businesses (restaurants, hotels, canteens), retail concessionaires, residential customers and more as the neighborhood meat shop.

• Support in assisting franchisees in establishing a B2B customer base.

How to Start Franchising?

Ideally, a The Good Meat (TGM) store location should have a minimum space of 60 sqm. for a stand-alone unit, which must be located near residential areas, offices, competing meat shops, and food establishments. Potential franchisees must meet the investment requirements and must be able to run the franchise full-time. To start with the application, kindly follow these steps.

TGm Franchise Steps-01
Attend a TGM Franchise Presentation

Attend a detailed discussion of the franchise package to learn about the concept and investment requirements. Submit the Franchise Pre-Qualification Form at

TGm Franchise Steps-02
Submit Letter of Intent

Submit a Letter of intent at and attach the sketch or vicinity map of you proposed location with the Trade Area’s description.

TGm Franchise Steps-03
Ocular Visit

Prepare a detailed market study of the proposed location. Arrange an ocular visit to the proposed location with the franchisor team.

TGm Franchise Steps-04

Attend an interview with the TGM management. Wait for the approval of the franchise application.

TGm Franchise Steps-05
Approval, Contract Signing and Payment

If approved, the franchisee will review the franchise agreement with their legal counsel. Once the franchisee agrees, the franchisor will set the date for signing. Upon signing, the franchisee pays the franchise fee.

Requirements for Franchise Accreditation

Basic Requirements:
  1. 1. Mayor’s / Business Permit valid for current year
  2. 2. BIR Certificate of Registration (2303)
  3. 3. Proof of Billing
  4. 4. Photocopy of Valid Government Issues IDs (at least 2)


Additional Requirements for Sole Proprietorship:
  1. 1. DTI Registration – Not expired
  2. 2. Bank Statement or Bank Authorization Form
  3. * Bank Authorization form to be provided by Pilmico
Additional Requirements for Corporations:
  1. 1. Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws
  2. 2. SEC Certificate
  3. 3. General Information Sheet
  4. 4. Secretary Certificate to transact with Pilmico
  5. 5. Audited financial statement (at least 2 years) or *Bank Authorization Form
Additional Requirements for Partnership:
  1. 1. Articles of Partnership / By-Laws
  2. 2. SEC Partnership Certification
  3. 3. Partnership Resolution to Transact with Pilmico
  4. 4. Financial Statement or ITR or *Bank Authorization Form

Now that the Franchisee is on board, the following activities will take place in preparation for the Grand Opening