Meal Preparation for Your Kids

Meal Preparation for Your Kids

Meal Preparation for the Whole Family

Preparing and eating meals at home for the whole family creates a bonding opportunity. It ensures that each family member consumes healthy meals and that each dish is served with love–from meticulously choosing the meat down to the ingredients used. Because meals are prepared at home, you can ensure that these are made healthier, and tastier to meet the family’s taste palate. 

Food Groups

Family members that need to follow restricted or special diets can also benefit from home-prepared meals. To ensure that meals are nutritious and healthy, it is essential to include the primary food groups: carbohydrates, for a source of energy, protein for strong muscles, and of course some fruits and greens for our vitamins and minerals. Examples of energy-rich foods are rice, bread, pasta, and root crops, while good protein sources are pork, beef, chicken, eggs, fish, and shellfish. Meanwhile, fruits and vegetables contain vitamins and minerals.

Good Meal Planning

Excellent meal preparation starts with good meal planning. Usually, meal plans are done weekly. Planning saves time, money, and stress as you know what to prepare daily. Because rice is a staple in a typical Filipino diet, make sure your pantry is well-stocked. If you are looking for a healthier rice option, you can incorporate whole grains into your diet, such as brown rice or pigmented rice, into your meal. Do not forget to adjust the water to rice ratio and refer to the packaging when cooking this nutritious rice. You can also prepare root crops such as sweet potatoes, cassava, or potatoes as snacks for the kids. Steamed or air-fried root crops are an excellent addition to the healthy snacks the whole family can enjoy. 

The Importance of Protein

A protein-rich food is an essential part of the meal. Pork, beef, chicken, eggs, and fish provide protein to the human body for growth and development. Protein is vital in all stages of life, from children to older family members. Buy meat from your trusted supplier to ensure freshness and quality. Remember to buy meat parts that best match the recipe you plan to cook for your family.

For a whole week’s meat supply, portion them before storing them in the freezer. If you have kids at home, prepare the meat in bite-size pieces. You can use any cooking method that your family loves for meat preparation.

Include fruits and vegetables in each meal as much as possible; whether it’s an appetizer, side dish, with a meat dish, or dessert, there are countless ways to incorporate these healthy additions into your meal. Serve seasonal fruits and vegetables as they are cheaper and have high nutritional value.

Meal preparation for the family takes time and effort but it need not be stressful and could be fun as long as you have a good meal plan made with fresh and quality ingredients in place.


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