Perfect Meat Cuts for Octoberfest

Perfect Meat Cuts for Octoberfest

Are you ready for the most authentic and grandest beer festival in the Philippines?

Octoberfest indulges us with overflowing beers, colorful events, mouthwatering food, and musical excitement. From sunset to sundown, bands play pop, rock, folk, and punk while partygoers sing, dance, and drink throughout the night.

The Meat of the Party

Octoberfest is an event that originated in Germany. It started as a one-night event but is now a month-long celebration hosted by different bars, pubs, and establishments.

With more than a thousand bars participating in the Octoberfest event, partygoers will surely be catered to all over the Philippines. But it is not just beers and bands that give meaning to our most anticipated Octoberfest. Pulutan is very important to get us through the night of the festivity, and every Pinoy’s favorite pulutan? Pork.

Pork Chops, rib chops, or end-cut pork chops are cut from the shoulder to the end of the loin. The high-fat content of meat from this cut makes it juicy, delicious, and less likely to dry from cooking because of its oil content. Whether pan-fried or oven-cooked, pork chops are best as a viand and as pulutan

On the other hand, tenderloin can be pan-fried, roasted, or grilled. It is lean, tender, and can be cooked and prepared quickly. The spare rib comes from the underbelly and is very tasty because of the amount of fat. Prolonged cooking with adequate heat will break it down and bring out its primal flavor.

Finally, you can use pata, liempo, pigue and kasim for sisig—arguably the most famous pulutan in the Philippines. It is very rare to see a drinking session without the presence of a crackling pork belly, complementing the flavor of beer while bringing out the spirit of festivity in each celebration. Picture yourself with your friends and special someone dancing and singing with the crowds while drinking beers with meaty, delicious, and crispy pulutan.

Best Food for the Festivity

The Good Meat is here to bring us the best and most delicious pulutan we can have. Deliciously seasoned with spices, Yes Efren’s Special Barbeque is here to give us the best barbeque and isaw experience that will make us say “Yes sa Sarap!” Yes Efren’s has all the delicious isaw manok and isaw baboy barbecue, special pork, and even chicken barbecue legs.

Pork Sisig delivers us the hottest and crispiest sisig that is best partnered with a smoking hot cup of rice or even better paired with our favorite alcoholic beverages. The taste of pig’s minced pork meat, ears, and head cooked together with chicken liver, onions, and chili peppers will always be the highlight of every drinking event.

If you’re looking to serve a showstopper on the table, Crispy Pata is a great choice. The Good Meat also offers fresh Lechon Kawali Cut and liempo that’s approved sa panlasang Pinoy when cooked. 

Excitement and thrill await us at this year’s Octoberfest festival! Be sure to put this date on your calendar and be prepared for a month-long celebration and festivities. To fully enjoy Octoberfest, remember to always choose and prepare the best and tastiest meat for the occasion.


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