Pork Sisig (200g)


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Pilmico Farms Pork Sisig is expertly made, well seasoned with spices, without the hours of prep time.

Microwave Heating Instructions:

1. Thaw in chiller overnight (8-12 hours).

2. Transfer Pork Sisig in a microwaveable container.

3. Microwave at high setting for 2-3 minutes.

Stovetop Heating Instructions:

1. Heat in a non-stick pan at medium fire (180’C) for 2-3 mins.

Ingredients include: Pork Mask, Pork Liver, Onion, Calamansi Puree, Vinegar, Black Pepper, Liquid Seasoning, Iodized Salt, MSG, Chili Finger, Chili Pepper, Coconut Oil, Bayleaf, Beef Broth

Note: The Good Meat Pork Sisig is approximately 200g

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