Farmer’s Ham (200g)

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Perfect for sandwiches or as cold cuts, Pilmico Farms Farmer’s Ham are juicy tender slices of perfectly cured ham with no extenders.

Stovetop heating instructions:

  • 1. Thaw in the chiller overnight (8-12 hours).
  • 2. It may be served as cold cuts or lightly seared in a non-stick pan at medium-low fire (150’C).


Ingredients include: Pork, Ham Seasoning, Curing Salt

Note: The Good Meat Farmer’s Ham is approximately 200g

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Enjoy these the whole year round
Farmer’s ham made from premium whole-muscle ham, naturally smoked. It contains no artificial ingredients and no extenders, ensuring you 100% juicy and tasty pork. Just like your celebration ham in a smaller pack.

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1 review for Farmer’s Ham (200g)

  1. Yovelyn Joy Lopez (verified owner)

    Worth the price 😋 real meat sya. No extenders!! 😍 i just wish they sliced it a bit thinner. But it taste really good overall!!
    I appreciate din that they reach out to ask if i-GO ba ung order ko.
    Dito na lang ako bibili ng mga ham. Thanks!

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